AVACOM, Czech and Slovak market leader in battery industry with more than 25 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and selling. Continuously expanding all over the EU with its wide range of products. Actively reacting to the market demands and following development of modern technologies which is a guarantee that our customers are always provided with latest versions of required products. Thanks to the rich experience with service and permanent quality control system AVACOM products are always top standard in the field. Chargers, data cables, batteries for laptops, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, cordless tools, two-way radios, UPS are not the only products offered by AVACOM. Top quality cells inside each battery guarantee high performance and stability with minimum of failures. Amongst other activities of AVACOM, are custom-made or industrial production of atypical batteries, development, production and maintenance of battery packs as well as UPS batteries replacement, service and prophylaxis. AVACOM is always ready to provide customized solutions.

AVACOM AVE range. Charge Your camera and camcorder batteries simply via USB

It can´t be easier from now on to charge Your camera or camcorder batteries. Why? Because everybody owns some kind of USB port – doesn´t really matter if it is Your laptop, PC or powerbank. When travelling, USB port on Your powerbank can be an only source of energy available. New AVACOM AVE range of USB chargers comes initially with 9 different models for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic camcorder or camera batteries and their equivalents. Mobility, simplicity of use, lightweight construction and reasonable price are the best reasons to check new AVACOM AVE range for Your camera or camcorder batteries.

New USB-C AC chargers with Power Delivery

Charge Your Power Delivery - equipped device faster than ever. New AVACOM range of USB-C AC chargers is already available in 45 and 65W output version. But AVACOM engineers don´t think it is enough – brand new 90W version is coming soon! All versions come with 1.5m USB-C cable. Users can connect their adapter with socket via direct plug or use the 1.2m extension cable. Compatible with AVACOM Type A and Type G electrical plugs for Your trips to USA and UK.

Succes of HomeRAY T10 wireless mobile phone stand in NEXTECH magazine test

Very practical design with some surprisingly good details. This is how Slovakian technology magazine NEXTECH evaluated our new AVACOM HomeRAY T10 Qi-certified wireless charging stand. Qi technology itself with its compatibility even with older smartphone designs like Samsung Galaxy S9 (used for this test) is being mentioned together with the fact, that most competitors offer just 5W output via their Qi technology – equipped mobile phone chargers. Special attention in the article is given to electromagnetic emission of HomeRAY T10 stand, declaring what we in AVACOM company already know – emmision measured is less than half of its common 5W competitors.
Read the whole story here (Google or any other online translator tool needed for non-Slovak readers): https://www.pcrevue.sk/a/AVACOM-HomeRAY-T10---Bezdrotova-nabijacka

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